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Running the Sector 7 server and community isn't cheap. So to keep it up and running we need your help.

To receive a reward for your donation, check out the rewards page.
Monthly Goal: $250.00
Spent $83.00 in the last month
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here for Napf!
here for Chernarus!
Hey guys, quick update; Axle and his wife, Melly got charged a ton of money after a deal with a sponsor gone bad. This put them into a -1700 dollar debt with paypal. We decided to help them out of their debt with a very generous donation of $1,000 because we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the devs and their dedication.

This could not have been done without all of you loyal S7 members!

More on this will follow soon as the story progresses.

[VIP] Hatchetface Wow, that is fantastic!! What a community!
Legolas_Xp Would be nice if he give us a test server and a few keys to give it to our community,, imagine that,, hosting a Arma 3 e ...
Legolas_Xp Awesome!!

S7Gaming Overpoch Chernarus:
(or search for S7Epoch)
Make sure you have Overwatch installed and are using the parameter: -mod=@DayzOverwatch;

To get a notification when an events starts

[VIP] Laelais a Overpoch is the place to be for epic events that's for sure. The server is starting to pick back up we are still working ...
Well look no further than this thread:

We'll try to be quick to answer your question as well as possible.

There are also ways on how you can get a hold of an admin on Overpoch!
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