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Running the Sector 7 server and community isn't cheap. So to keep it up and running we need your help.

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Bigger and better

Rick a posted 4 hours ago
The community has been doing great lately. All of you guys joining in and contributing to the Sector 7 of today makes me proud. Next to that alot of you have been donating as well. I can't thank you guys enough. To be able to show you our appreciation we have used this money to buy a dedicated server. This means;
  • Better performance
  • Faster loading speeds
  • More FPS than you can handle
  • Alot less desyncing

The server IP transfer will be announced 2 weeks up front and will have no effect on your base or items. Everything will be there as you would expect it to be.

For the dedicated server specs...

Igor Great!
Gi Joe Awesome! Cant wait!
schryliam Awesome! Great to hear!

Backup TeamSpeak

Rick a posted 4 hours ago
Due to an issue with our TeamSpeak we moved over to a backup IP. You should still be able to log in using We will switch back to our regular host once the Issue has been solved.

Wrong version error after update

Rick a posted Sun at 15:39
Lots of people have been getting this in the past 2 days. Here's how to fix it

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