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Running the Sector 7 server and community isn't cheap. So to keep it up and running we need your help.

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Monthly Goal: $250.00
Spent $59.37 in the last month
Well look no further than this thread:

We'll try to be quick to answer your question as well as possible.

There are also ways on how you can get a hold of an admin on Overpoch!
Hello there fellow survivors! As you may have noticed the Overpoch Chernarus server was under maintainance. This was to implement cool new features (such as the Coins and Banking system) and rebuild it from the ground up with the aim for maximum performance! The maintainance period is now over and I am happy to announce that as of today you can enjoy your stay in the all new;

S7Gaming Overpoch Chernarus:
(or search for S7Epoch)
Make sure you have Overwatch installed and are using the parameter: -mod=@DayzOverwatch;

Also, because of our 1 year anniversary this week all items will be 30% off until next week!

Thank you, come again!

[VIP] Rolix Nice, been w8hing for this to launch for some time! Wanted to play on an overpoch for some time.
[VIP] Hatchetface o I really like that video. Very concise.
Wysper Looks great but can we get at least 1 boat trader? I need my fishing boat lol
And we may have forgotten about it.

Around this time a year ago, MFA was born. As some of our oldest members may remember, this is what we went by before rebranding a few months ago. 

We've gone through a few different server hosts, a couple map changes, and more than a few staff changes. We were low to the point of almost calling it quits, and managed to make it work, and reach a high point for our community.

We had a few goals we wanted to reach, get a dedicated box for servers, make it to #1, and foremost to just make a community where people can come and play, and have fun.

It's a big thanks in part to Napf with how well we've done, and how popular we are, even after the Steam change over, we're still populated, it only missed a beat or two before going back to normal. 

Thanks to Napf we are able to experiment with Overpoch. It had it's issues, but we're bringing it back better than before.

I'm sure Rick will edit this with a birthday cake and his own take on it all, but as one of the original staff members from back then:

Thank you all for making it possible for us to reach 1 year. We couldn't do it otherwise.
[VIP] Rolix Happy birthday S7 and its staff! To the rest of you guys good luck and may youre aim never tremble!
Legolas_Xp Has been an awesome year shooting all you guys down,, and I hope that it continue for long time,,, so I can keep shootin ...
[VIP] captain_weegee I haven't been here that long....can I still have some cake??
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