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Running the Sector 7 server and community isn't cheap. So to keep it up and running we need your help.

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This just in:

Rick ao posted Wed at 17:15
Topweb is master of trucks. In an epic 80 kilometer an hour race around the airstrip he won 1st out of 5. Shortly after his victory streak continued in the Ural clash that followed.
1st Lt. Korn gets an honorable mention for getting it right on the first try.
End of message.

These are the recipe's to deploy the following vehicles with your scroll wheel:


1x Scrap Metal (You get one when you first spawn)


1x Wheel

1x Engine Part


1x Engine Part

1x Main Rotor

Little Bird:

1x Scrap Metal

1x Engine Part

1x Main Rotor

These will NOT stay after restart, so make sure to repack them!

Yincimaster Too bad that they dont stay, but this is really awesome! Finally a way to get moving without too much effort ...
With the all new option for donators to place a building of their choice on a place of choice you can finally make that dream base you always wanted!

Check it out on the Donations & Rewards page

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