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Rick a posted Sat at 17:47
Hello survivors. The Epoch Napf and Overpoch Chernarus servers have now been updated to the steam version (122548) Everything should be fine and all players should be able to join.

The transition might have some minor errors here and there but we will iron those out over the next 24 hours.

So, get yourself updated and I'll see you in the apocalypse!

In case you are having trouble updating, please refere to this video from MCD:

[VIP] Hatchetface Outstanding!
[VIP] Laelais Good job sir and anyone who assisted getting it updated!
1. Base decay. (Poll by 1Man)
This will be turned on to 21 days. The 21 days are starting now and there will be ingame announcements so everyone is up to date.

2. Make zombies fast again. (Poll by Laelais)
Zombies will remain slow.

3. Reset the scoreboard for Chernarus. (Poll by Dalem246)
The GameTracker scoreboard will be wiped. (does not affect ingame items)

4. Return of halo jump spawns. (Poll by 1Man)
Halo jump on respawn will make it's return.

If you would like to see changes made to the server. Add a poll on the forums in the suggestions thread. The results will be applied if it's reasonable and we agree.

Lance Aww man I just got back from vacation, o well no big deal. Should help out with performance.
[VIP] Mr Giggles My character was reset to freshspawn and my humanity was reset to 2500 from +17k... Lost all the crapi was carrying too. ...
Broncas I heard that the vehicles unlock after a few days now if the key isn't used. Is this true and how many days does the veh ...
Overpoch Chernarus launch is complete. (and updated to You can now enjoy the apocalypse on's latest server.

Join Overpoch Chernarus:
Parameters: -mod=@DayzOverwatch;

Looking forward to seeing you all ingame!

To get a notification when an events starts

And here's some things to look for:

Wysper Hey no if you would come talk to us and let us know what happened we could work something out. Like at the very least ge ...
NKS Great server but the base decay bug just screwed the base Thurman and I built and someone moved in. Cant play on the ser ...
komplex @rick Can we get this post updated to add the new parameters: -mod=@DayZOverwatch;@DayZ_Epoch thx
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